Led by Gen Sam Kaka, most known as ‘the battle soldier’ in the late Rwandan army body following memorable achievements during RPF Inkotanyi’s Liberation battle, he and his compatriots have been demobilized from the fresh army last year 2016

2016 has been a year of History to the country’s army body a following cabinet decisions of February 8th and that of October 12th where a big number of soldiers were demobilized.

It was also during the same respective cabinet meetings when 5 Generals by rank, including Gen Sam Kaka, were demobilized.

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Gen. Sam Kaka/bwiza.com
Gen. Sam Kaka

1.Gen. Sam Kaka: during the RPF’s Inkotanyi’s Liberation battle of 1990, Gen Sam Kaka, was among repeated the names repeated every now and then during the liberation process, singing his name during RPF’s battle songs of heroism after making a great impact in fighting for the country’s liberation between 1990 and 1994.

He appeared among higher ranked soldiers who were demobilized in 2016.

He was among senior soldiers in terms of ranks as he had the rank of ‘Major’ at the time, only behind Major Gen Fred Gisa Rwigema who died during the liberation war and Major Gen and current President Paul Kagame who continued where Maj Gen Rwigema stopped during the liberation process.

At the time, late Major Sam Kaka was heading ‘Alpha Mobile Group’ which was based in Miyove in former Byumba Province and many who know the then militant unit praised it for its impenetrable resistance and inevitable attack when it mattered.

During the battle, Gen Kaka was working closely to Col Steven Kalisholisho Ndungutse, who was the army forces coordinator, current RFTC boss Ludovik Dodo Twahirwa, who was commanding ‘Bravo Mobile Unit’, ‘Charlie Mobile Unit’ leader Thaddee Gashumba and Batallion 21 commander, Musitu.

After the Liberation war, Sam Kaka was promoted to Colonel and the Country’s Defense Force Chief respectively.

He was later appointed to serve the people as a Member of Parliament/Deputy Chamber as one of RPF Inkotanyi’s candidates.

In 2012, President Paul Kagame once again promoted Sam Kaka from Brig Gen to Major General alongside five more senior soldiers including the likes of Kamanzi Mushyo, Alexis Kagame, Mubaraka Muganga,…

After leaving the Parliament, Maj. Gen Sam Kaka, was appointed to boss National Human Rights Commissionin 2015

Lt Gen Ceasar Kayizari frist on the right

2.Lt Gen Ceasar Kayizari: he was a fighter, too. He has been Rwanda’s Amabassador to Turkey and, as a special professional soldier, declared that he and his compatriots would not let down the defense forces who are still on duty despite being demobilized.

He said, “we shared an important journey on duty, we fought as a team, we still have close relationship with RDF who developed and improved our lives. We won’t let them down.”

Gen Rwarakabije Paul

3.Gen Rwarakabije Paul: besides Rwarakabije’s academic skills on army, he is real fighter and he is known to have passed through tougher times during his a long spell in the army.

When he escaped to Congo in 1994, He was Lieutenant Colonnel, the rank he was crowned in 1993 by President Juvenal Habyarimana when he was leading the national army at the time to fight against RPF Inkotanyi.

He then headed the Abacengezi rebels in Rwanda in July 1997 when the country was in RPF’s hands and decided to stay in the country until October 1998 where the country’s Army side pushed his rebels back to Congo where he stayed until 2003.

In 2003, he decided to leave the opposition rebels and came back in Rwanda where, in 2004, he rejoined the country’s Defense Force before being appointed RCS Chief. He retired from the RDF last year at 63.

Gen. George Rwigamba/bwiza.com
Gen. George Rwigamba

4.Gen. George Rwigamba: He is among High ranked soldiers who were mobilized from RDF before he headed the army forces in the Southern region. He later took over Rwanda Correction Service (RCS), succeeding Gen Paul Rwarakabije.

Gen. Mugambage
Gen Frank Mugambage frist on the right

5.Gen Frank Mugambage: he is among the 6 Generals who were demobilized from the Defense force. He is now Rwanda’s Ambassador in Uganda.

Maj Gen Richard Rutatina

6.Maj Gen Richard Rutatina: He was demobilized too after serving the defense force for years. He was then tasked to lead the Intelligence Unit. He also became the President’s advisor on Security and Defense.

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Since 2013, it is the fourth time RDF has demobilized its army forces as wells its contractual employees while this year has seen many a number of RDF forces being demobilized for different reasons.

In 2016, 371 of different ranks, inferior or superior have been demobilized. 353 more employees who have been working under contracts were dismissed while 51 soldiers were demobilized due to diseases.

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