Revealed:  Security raided MTN Uganda in search for Gen Kayihura’s data call on AIGP Kawesi


It has been made clear to the public that MTN Uganda raid on July 2nd, 2018 was mainly intended to get information on Gen Kayihura’s data  call on AIGP Andrew Kawesi, Chimpreports has learnt

The raid was carried out shortly after The Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Chief, Col Kaka Bagyenda  received  information indicating that former Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura made telephone calls using his MTN simcard which could implicate him in the murder of Kaweesi on March 17, 2017.

MTN Uganda Chairman, Charles Mbiire revealed that on Monday, 2 July at around 5:00pm, two employees of Huawei Uganda, a contractor of MTN, were “kidnapped” from MTN Towers by armed men in civilian clothing who claimed to be ISO Agents.

They were taken to ISO headquarters where they were grilled about Gen Kayihura’s call data which Kaka said he wanted at all costs.

 Mbire says ISO did not manage to enter the server because of MTN’s robust information security systems and no data was accessed or compromised.

The agents said they wanted to have access to Kayihura’s call data for the months of March as a concrete eveidence in Kawesi murder occurred on on March 17.

Security investigators say they cannot slap any charge against Kayihura without solid evidence.

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