Results from Rwanda Governance Scorecard (RGS 2016) shows there a need to improve Quality Service Delivery as the study has shown the weak signs indicating that service delivery status is not in good shape, while other indicators are showing improvements.

The study results, released by Rwanda Governance Board on Tuesday for the 4th edition show that institutions have a long way to go through when it comes to Quality Service delivery, whose scores are the least rated on the report after disappointing feedbacks raised by a number of just concluded National Dialogue Council (Umushyikirano) 2016participants.

Safety and Security has remained the all-time best performer while Rule of Law has been the all-time best improver in all RGS.

Prof Anastase Shyaka, RGB Chief Executive Officer, said that institutions should make self-evaluation from this report to improve the implementation of their responsibilities for better performances in further results.

‘We extend sincere gratitude to all institutions, stakeholders, and individuals, who have supported the production of RGS2016, to which different institutions can look into their weak areas and find the way for improved performances, ” Shyaka said.

RGS2016 Policy recommendations emphasized on adopting a national comprehensive policy that ensures compliances with quality service delivery standards in both public and private domains.

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It also suggests policymakers putting mechanisms for effective and accountable delivery of social development innovations to ensure acceleration from poverty and better livelihood of the citizens and more mechanisms that can bring positive results towards improved economic growth of the country.

The RGS 2016 results have ranked 8 different indicators, as safety and security tops the list scoring 92.62 per cent, followed by Control of Corruption, transparency and accountability with 86.56 per cent.

Political rights and civil liberties come third (81.83 per cent), as other indicators follow each other as follow:

4th Rule of Law (79.68 per cent), 5th Economic and corporate Governance (76.82 per cent), 6th : participation and inclusiveness (76.48 per cent), 7th :investing in human and social development (74.88 per cent) and quality of service delivery (72.93 per cent) on the bottom spot

RGS has alerted policymakers & practitioners on areas with performance shortcomings & incited others to improve and perform better.Internationally, it has become a tool for knowledge and information sharing on Rwanda’s social and economic progress.

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