RNC recruitment continues amid Uganda Chieftaincy Military Intelligence involvement media reports


Rwanda National Congress has kept on  broad daylight recruitment regardless several media reports on the Uganda Chieftaincy Military Intelligence, CMI involvement in this matter.

Virunga post has learnt that there is perpetual open recruitment that continues to be done openly on Ugandan territory by RNC fugitives mainly in refugee camps accommodating Rwandans such as Nakivale.

RNC is aided by Dr.Sam Ruvuma,a lecturer at Mbarara University and colleagues from Western Uganda include  Deo Nyirigira and his son, Felix Mwizerwa and Mugisha Charles Sande,together with CMI staff Corporal Abdu Karim Mulindwa aka Mukombozi and Rugema Kayumba.

It is alleged that 43 recruits intercepted at Kikagati border heading to Minembwe-DRC training camp are the result of this recruitments under protection of CMI boss, Brig.Gen.Abel Kandiho.

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On the other hand, RNC denied the accusations where as Uganda Chieftaincy Military Intelligence kept quiet on this issue.

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