Rugema Kayumba

Rwanda National Congress member in Uganda,Rugema Kayumba through social media has publicly claimed to work in a close cooperation with Uganda Chieftaincy Military Intelligence officials(CMI).

Rugema Kayumba has confirmed the affair through facebook post claiming he intends not only to  work with CMI but also to be a part of the team.

I will not only work with CMI but also will be part of them” Rugema boasted.

Rugema’s statement

It is after some Rwandans who previously kidnapped in Uganda to leak the information  of how Rugema operates freely framing cases against innocent Rwandans and overseeing the illegal kidnaps.

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Virunga post broke the story that Rugema carries riffles in his car and occasionally has military escorts attached to CMI.

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Fred Masengesho Rugira/




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