Iterambere fund: Saving to become culture for casual workers


ikigega-rnitThe Rwanda National Investiment Trust (RNIT) Iterambere fund was meeting all casual workers of Nyarugenge district last week. The aim is to sensitize them on adhering to the fund, by saving at least 2000 Frws per month.

They are about 2500 people to gather in the playground of Kimisagara Youth Center. They are from different groups according to their jobs. They include bike riders, drivers, motorcyclists, shoe makers, airtime sellers, constructors, volunteers from different associations and churches.

The main message from RNIT is to remove the mythic conception that “saving is for rich people and civil servants”, while the initial capital for the fund is 2000 Frws. Emmanuel Mugiraneza, is the communication and sells officer to RNIT. Giving details to these potentials contributors, he emphasizes that the fund is open to all, whatever their sum of money, on whatever regularity, and whatever the capacity.

“It doesn’t a matter if you save little, along the time it will grow and serve much to you. Think of it, decide today, not tomorrow”, says Emmanuel Mugiraneza.

However, casual workers are afraid of their incomes which are not stable and change day to day. RNIT representatives takes this as a gold opportunity. “Getting money at any time, regardless the amount, it is wise to save first and expend the remaining later”. With examples, casual come up to understand and each decide the sum to save regularly.

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One from KORA cooperative (grouping welders, wood worker and black-smith) helps to convince fellows. “Every money is enough depending on the way it is managed. Saved in a safe area, not spoiled in pubs and night clubs”.

The RNIT Iterambere Fund is an initiative of the Government of Rwanda that aims at promoting the culture of saving in affordable and flexible ways.

RNIT Iterambere Fund links every Rwandan to the capital market, as the amount for investment is kept as low as Frws 2000; although anyone can invest as per capacity. Furthermore, it is open for both – individuals as well as Institutional investors. This fund is open for investment to Rwandans including Diaspora, EAC nationals and international investors within the permissible legal framework of Rwanda.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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