Rubavu: Overpopulation in classrooms concerns education quality


It is three months since Primary four students in Buhaza Primary School started to live new life struggling to pursue their studies at sharp sun, while they flee to the other classrooms’ verandas when it rains due to the classrooms shortage at the school.

The district has lent two rooms for them elsewhere, in the meantime.

The studies are provided in the school garden at a very sharp sunny background, with student following their teacher who looks like he has adapted to such life.

They would also run away when glacial rain falls, students in front and their teacher follows.

The average number of students that the teacher teaches a room at this school is estimated at 140 students a day where the teacher teaches 70 students in the morning and the remaining 70 in the afternoon.

At the moment both teachers and students feel relieved as they are now using two class rooms lent by the District at Lycee de Gisenyi, which have already bought by UTB Gisenyi.

However, the school administration has said they do not know what is going to be next when the the school that bought the rooms ask them to get out of the rooms.

Vincent Kagaba Niyontego, the Head teacher of Buhaza Primary School, revealed that everything is now going okay since they got the rooms lent to them by Lycee de Gisenyi but remains what will happen when UTB, the University which recently bought the rooms, starts operating its academic activities in the rooms.

He even does not know what is being done to cover the situation of classroom crisis after being lent the rooms.

He said, “ I do not know anything, only the district [Rubavu] knows it because they are responsible for it. It they [UTB] comes and say ‘get out of our rooms’, we will immediately get outwithout complaining”

He claims the instability of students and their teacher due to classroom shortage affects their studies.

“I think you can understand that we are not stable,” he said.

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One of the district employees has revealed that the district plans to build two more class rooms at the school [Buhaza], saying that the budget for the rooms’ construction is ready while materials, too, are there to start the construction works.

He [the employee] added that, in 2014, the district has built two rooms at the school, and provided roofing materials to one more room which parents have had hand in building, as their contribution to their children education.

He appears to blame the school head teacher for failing to explain it like the man responsible for the school.

The head teacher is also said to be behind the room crisis at the school as he was also criticized of registering a big number of new students regardless of the school capacity while he does this without consulting his superior authorities.

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