Rubavu: Population given Manu from the rubbish pit, for pigs but people


On Monday 04 September, 18 Tones of wheat were thrown away in a dust bin pit located at Ruragara, in one kilometer from MAGERWA where they were stored in Rubavu sector, Rukoko cell. But was in the evening and the population took it to eat.

Before, local leaders had advised to the population that it was dangerous because it has expired.

After the local leader left the area the population took it and brought it to their homes as a food and explained that it was to feed their domestic animals, especially pigs.

On Tuesday, one of the residents explained to the media that it was doubtful because she was not sure that the population took the flour to feed their pigs or themselves even if they were advised before.

Nyiramana added that some of them may eat it because it is a period of shortage of food in their homes. She continued and said that they are disappointed to see such a food expired in MAGERWA stores whereas they are hungry.

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Jean Munyankindi; the auditor in KOPEBU cooperative; (a cooperative that transports the rubbish, which was given the task to evacuate the flour ) explained that it was on Monday when they were brought 3 Lorries full of the flour from MAGERWA. The flour was thrown away in a pit and the population took it back to their homes.

Munyankindi says “I am not sure that they ate it but we were told that they took it to feed their pigs

Mutuyimana Anitha, executive secretary of Rukoko cell told the media that the flour was thrown away in a pit, the population took it to their homes and since then, security officers were deployed to keep the area so as to avoid the population not to eat the flour. She admits that the flour was brought to feed their pigs and no to eat it.

Many times, items are expired in stores whereas people are in need of them. The population wants an auction activity before the expiration date.

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Zacharia Murekezi

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