Student candidates of National examination 2017 in Busasamana sector and other neighboring sectors in Rubavu district feel disappointed because of the situation in which they will live during the National examination period.

During the interview both students and their caregivers confirm that during the period of National examination a student will pass an exam after travelling 10 km from home to examination center and come back in the evening. They also add that this can be the cause of their failure in national exams.

The national examination center are located in Basasamana sector and are located so far from their residence areas where a student travel at least 10 km during 3 hours and they will not benefit to have lunch.

Anitha Mukandori; one of them says: “National Examination Centers are located so far from our homes. We are disappointed with the situation that it is boring. We will be reviewing our lessons; we will need to have lunch, we are stressed by the situation. We suggest that it will be better to plan well so as to find us the centers which located near our homes”.

Their caregivers say that this situation causes their children to fail in exams. They also suggest that they could be facilitated in providing centers that are near their homes because their children do a long travel to rich the center.

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Hawa Nyiransabigaba says” the National examination centers are located too far from our residence. Our children are boring, they travel a long distance and they do not have lunch and this cause them to fail the exams. We suggest to the concerned team to provide centers which are located near the candidate’s residence in order to facilitate them”.

The Sector Education Officer (SEO) in Busasamana sector says “The situation is known to be harmful to the student success. He also adds that they do a long travel and they do not have lunch. They paid school feeding (Lunch) to their schools and during the period of National exams they do not have lunch”.

He also adds that among the candidates, some of them from Kabumba and Njerima in Bugeshi Sector travel between 10 and 14 kilometers a day.

According to the Vice Mayor of Rubavu district; Marie Grace Uwampayizina she confirms that some of the candidates are experiencing this situation. She adds that the district is going to plan in order to facilitate the candidates and provide them the centers nearby. She also encourages the candidates in this situation to pass their exams and wishes them to succeed.

On behalf of DEO Rubavu(District Education Officer), this problem is due to lack of effective communication from Heads of schools, who would have claimed for students at time. However, she vows to transfer lunch fees from respective schools to examination centers.

The Nation Examination period will start on 15 to 17, November for Primary school candidates and 20 November to 1st December for  O’ level and A’ level  candidates.

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