Ruhango: A young girl died of kettle circuit


Clemence Ishimwe, a native of Gisagara district (South Province) died of a kettle circuit in a hairdressing salon of Ruhango.

This incident took place two weeks ago, and she died this Wednesday, January 25th and she was buried this Friday.

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Her elder sister gives testimony that Clemence died of burns from a branched kettle containing alcohol. “She was working in a hairdressing salon, when a new servant was asked to put water in a kettle, she put alcohol confusing it to water. When they connected the kettle, they made a circuit and exploded”.

She adds “they were three ladies, including my sister. Some escaped by getting out the room, but two of them fainted down, while the door was self-locked”.

Clemence was the one to suffer with dangerous burns to die of, another woman is under treatment at Butare Hospital.

A few days before, social media was delivering information that Clemence was burnt in a helmet, but it’s not true. However, probably her head was damaged because of artificial hair she had.

May her soul rest in peace, RIP Clemence Ishimwe

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