Bernadette Uwizeyimana’s life is under medical treatment at Bugarama Islamic Health Centre in Rusizi District after facing violence from an unidentified person who physically wounded her.

Uwizeyimana, 32, was discharged to Bugarama Hospital for treatment. However, she was unable to know who is behind such a violence, and she has begged local authorities to resettle her to a safer place for security assurance while investigating who is behind the violence she is facing.

This is the sixth time has faced such violence which always happens to her during Genocide commemoration.’s reporter reached her to the hospital where she says the man who beat her was dressed in military equipment.

“It was early in the morning when I met that man, dressed in military equipment, I was heading to the field to find some food stuffs for my children. I greeted him but the way he replied me was so scaring. He started to ask me the names of my relatives who were killed during Genocide against the Tutsi and those who survived, but I told him that I don’t know them. That’s where he started to beat me after putting a stone in my mouth to prevent me from making noise looking for help”, she told

“He first kicked me on my back, then on my front and punched me on my head and I started to bleed. He immediately ran away when people came to the rescue and discharged me to the health centre,” she added.

She says that the man had a military telecom mobile which he was using talking to people, but she could not hear what they were talking about. He then ran away after hearing a woman making noise calling for help from neighbors.

The woman took her home before taking her to the hospital with blood shedding all over her body. While being provided medical assistance, she’s still feeling headache, backache and dizziness.

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She face such violence since 2012

Uwizeyimana says that violence against hers is undoubtedly connected to Genocide ideology as she faced such violence six times since 2012, making her sad that nothing seems to be done to arrest those who are behind these violent actions where she was being chased wherever she was passing by, while it all happens during Genocide commemoration.

In 2013, unidentified people came to see her where she stays and beat her. The same scenes happened in 2014, 2015 and 2016, with intimidating messages and tracts threatening that they will one day kill her.

In 2016 they wrote her a piece of letter that they would kill her before the commemoration ends but local authorities intervened for protection. She begs more protection to be taken to a safer place.

However, Frederic Harelomana, Rusizi mayor avoided to confirm whether the violence is connected to Genocide ideology as investigations are in process. “We cannot say it has connection with Genocide ideology since investigations are underway”.

Meanwhile, Uwizeyimana relatives are still wondering why she is the only one targeted by violence, especially during Genocide commemoration. They ask the security departments to tighten special security for her or be deployed to another residence.

Local leaders remain neutral on this issue, while Uwizeyimana’s husband who is not around for business purposes, is yet to comment on it.

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