Evariste Kanyamahanga was found at Kivu Lake boundaries dead after he was beaten up to death by a gang of unidentified murderers who are believed to have hit him a small hoe till he fell down dead, following bloody scenes which took place in Nkanka Sector, Rusizi District.

It was at around 2pm when the 63-year-old, whose family is located at Isha Village, Kamashangi Cell, in Giheke Sector, was found bleeding in his head after being beaten up to death.

Bwiza.com understands that the body was found by people who were passing by the lake boundaries as they saw a body flowing over the water and immediately found out it was the old man they used to know.

“We were called by security forces to go to the field where the incident took place and we found the body on Kivu lake boundaries. It is obviously a few minutes since his death because his head was bleeding, especially where he was hit with a small hoe and we think he could have been killed in the wake of the day and thrown in the lake water,” Aimée Sandrine Uwambaje, the Executive Secretary of Nkanka Sector, told Bwiza.com

Uwambaje also says that the old man was found with a national ID, Rwf 9950 and 7 stones in his jacket pocket, which she thinks it was the murderers who put the stones in the jacket pockets so he could easily flow into water.

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Kanyamahanga was a shopkeeper at home cell Kamashangi, and his family relative said he left home with Rwf 100 000 going out to purchase some stuff for sale at Hepfo market.

On his return, he passed by a bar, who owner is known as Vivens, where he was having a drink with man called Theophile. None of them knew when Kanyamahanga left the bar and relatives thought he might have spent the night at one of his relatives at Nkanka.

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 Sector Secretary says that investigations immediately started as both the bar owner and Theophile were arrested while the body was taken to Gihundwe Hospital to operate on it before he was buried on Sunday in Giheke.

She further called on his neighbors to provide any information relating to his death and believes that some are not willing to testify his death even if they have an idea about it while they saw his before when he left the quarter with the money, which is believed to be at the centre of his death.

More confusions are mounting as to where the dead old man was taken before he was killed as the bar where he passed by work only on market business days, on Mondays and Fridays, while they also close doors earlier in the evening.

Residents from both sectors told Bwiza.com that tough investigations should be held to discover who are behind this old business man’s death as they admit he was a pacific man.


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