Rwanda: Conjugal murder in Eastern Province, wedding called off in South


Nowadays, Rwandan society is threatened by inhuman behavior, it looks like Satan has just landed. Three cases happened in one day. In Bugesera, a man killed his wife and immediately committed suicide, Kayonza, the spouse loses her life for warning the husband against gambling. And, Kamonyi, the marriage has been cancelled before the family public at the sector Headquarters and the quarrels continue in families.

On Thursday, June 22nd, a man identified as Jean Damascene Ntawuhiganayo from Rweru Sector in Bugesera District, put an end to the life of his wife Jeanne d’Arc Ayingeneye, beating her a wooden club on the head. Even if the murderer also took the decision to commit suicide, after having swallowed mouse poison, the cause would be the infidelity of the woman, who was accused giving birth to a child from another husband, as the Police told

The police spokesperson in in the Eastern Province, IP Jean Bosco Dusabe, advises people to control and manage family conflicts to avoid consequences like this.

The day before, another man  had killed his wife who accused him of mismanaging the funds after switching to gambling games (Ikiryabarezi).

It was in Rwinkwavu, near Akagera National Park, where Sylvère Kabayiza killed his wife Germaine Mukapilote with machetes. The cause is based on lack of mutual trust, each accused the other of adultery. But on top of that, Germaine accused Sylvère of wasting heritage by playing games of chance.

The neighbors of this family testify to that the husband had screwed up all the goods, which he sold and invested in gambling. And when the woman claimed, the husband accused her in her turn of infidelity. “He took the machete, and began by cutting off her breast, head and her arms and pierced her belly.”

According to the Police, the couple have been involved in conflicts over the last two years.  Sylvère is now in police hands, while investigations are underway before he is taken to justice.

On Wednesday, June 21st, two men (North and West) began their sentences in perpetuity for depriving the lives of their wives. These are Stanislas Ntagozera from Rusizi in Western Province and Vincent Rutembesa from Gicumbi in Northern Province.

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The bride is his sister, no wedding!

In the south of the country, the marriage was called off at the last minute in Kayenzi Sector in Kamonyi District, and conflicts between the two families began: the man was going to marry his sister!

This is the civil wedding day for couples who have been illegaly living together and were willing to engage in Civil Marriage.

The scandal happened at a young couple who were sharing the same house since March. They decided to go for a civil marriage to return start living a new legal life together without waiting for the religious marriage.

Jean Baptiste Nsabimana and Shalom Nkundubutatu did nothing as a sign of marriage: no cultural engagement, the dowry is paid. Their families were not happy at all, now Shalom is pregnant, although she is reportedly to be Nsabimana’s sister.

Innocent Mandela, the Executive Secretary of Kayenzi cancelled the civil marriage ceremony, according to “At the time of my presentation, Jean Baptiste’s father informed me that Shalom was his sister, and he begged me to be careful on their wedding and stop it with immediate effect”.

Mandela decided to advise both families and their close neighbors to discuss whether the marriage would happen or not, but their talks ended in disagreement.

“The boy’s relatives insists that marriage is impossible, but for the girl, the relationship is too distant to prevent marriage. The father of the boy warned the administration of the sector against this ceremony, under risk of being apprehended to justice”, says Mandela.

“Thus, marriage was suspended, and we are still inquiring into the real cause, if not inter-family conflicts. But always note that the girl is pregnant, and just spent three months with her lover,” he added.

During these bickering, the girl fell into chaos and lost sensation, she was taken to the hospital. She recovered in the evening, and returned to her husband’s house.

Since then, the conflicts between the two families have become intense, especially since a cold war was felt even before.

Moreover, the neighbors and the administration attest that Nsabimana’s father is used to getting involved in cancelling his sons’ marriages. “He tried to do it before, but his son was supplying him with punches.”

Rwandan legislation states that marriage is only possible for people without any relationship, up to the seventh generation.

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