Rwanda Government to solve food scarcity for thousands of families


More than 3,000 families in Rwanda’s Eastern Province are facing hunger due to the impact of drought.

However, Rwanda government intends to deliver food aid to support the areas identified as needing food assistance  such as  Ndego, Murama, Kabarondo, Mwiri, Kabare and Rwinkwavu sectors of Kayonza and Nyarubuye, Kigano, Nasho, Mpanga, Nyamugari and cells in Kirehe districts.

East african monitor broke the story that The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) is still assessing the extent of the food shortage and how many families will be affected.

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Government officials have suggested that the areas experiencing the worst conditions are mostly those that were left out of a multimillion irrigation project supported by the World Bank that improved various parts of Eastern Province previously prone to drought, according to sources cited by ReliefWeb.

Rwanda’s Eastern Province is more prone to drought than other parts of the country and, while significant efforts have been made to improve the region’s agricultural stability, there are various parts that remain vulnerable.

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