Rwanda’s envoy to Guinea Amb. Stanislas Kamanzi says Rwanda has countless reasons to thank President Paul Kagame for his great efforts to put Rwanda in good position towards a successful country after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

During an exclusive interview with, Amb. Kamanzi talked about different issues like the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and France’s role during the Genocide while picking Kagame-led good governance to be at the helm of Rwanda’s fast economic growth.

Asked about what led Genocide against the Tutsi to being executed, Amb. Kamanzi did not go far from saying it was all down to bad governance of the then leaders who were not interested in unity among Rwandans, since the country got independence in 1962 and earlier, but to divide them apart from the Tutsi, with no fear to say that they were foreigners, not Rwandans.

He blamed those leaders who were optimistic democracy should be decided by the favored race majority which resulted to Genocide ideology aiming at cleaning up the minor race of Tutsi in 1994.

Concerning France-Rwanda current cooperation’s situation, Amb. Kamanzi said he only cares about France role in the 1994, and feels that France should first admit the role they played during Genocide and stop denying Genocide in order to cover accusations against them.

He also explained why Rwanda joined Commonwealth community while it was colonized by French-speaking Belgium, underlining that Rwanda no longer relies on colonial heritage but only targets where interests lie.

“After the Genocide, Rwanda recovered and now it belongs on a far longer way to economic development than ever thanks to its strengths,” he said

He added that he is happy that Rwanda’s development is exciting the world, despite deep falls that shaped the country during Genocide.

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But Rwandans’ joint efforts and commitment in rebuilding a strong country have been amazing and hails their same efforts in fighting whatever looks a threat in destroying what they are achieving, with great support from their role model and leader Kagame who tirelessly convince them to use their physique and knowledge to change their lives and a wealthy country around them.

Asked about Kagame’s decision to stand a chance for an extended 3rd term on the rule ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in August 2017, whether it could or not be a controversial decision, Amb. Kamanzi said Kagame did not decide but Rwandans, where through a constitutional referendum elections, they voted ‘yes’ at 98 per cent, meaning that they want him to line up a candidate bid towards a 3rd term.

He was handed another chance to bid for a 3rd term all through a revised constitution, requested through democracy by the country’s willing people.

On the current situation of Rwanda – Guinea cooperation, Amb. Kamanzi said that it is in good shape as leaders from both sides hold a number of discussions about how they can make it even better. He said that there is permanent advisory council between both countries’ foreign ministries in order to put into force what has been agreed during the discussions.

He said that doors are open to each of both countries after facilitating their people to access visas, where they can apply for the visa on their arrival in each of these countries to make migration simpler.

He revealed that Rwandair will start running direct flights to Guinea in the process.

Like Rwanda, Guinea has also started the journey to reconciliation, a move that Amb Kamanzi hailed Guinean government and wished good luck to Guineans in general for the way they started, advising them to keep it, by playing a direct involvement in reconciliation, all thanks to the country’s political will.

Fred Irakoze


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