In two weeks of the rainy season in Rwanda, more than 300 families are homeless, five people have died, and huge areas of land have been damaged in all parts of the country.

Western Province

In Rubavu, the city of Rubavu cracks. One evening early this week, the rain damaged school buildings and houses, also a road was blocked by the shrubs in Bugoyi and Rubavu cells, and some iron sheets flew from the roofs.

Back to Rusizi, about a hundred houses were scrambled by the rains on Tuesday around 6 pm, in different sectors of Rusizi:

Mururu, 20 houses in Gahinga, Tara and Kagarama cells; but also a factory of Jean Paul Tumwamini, recently built in industrial park of Mururu.

In Butare cell, 110 houses damaged, among them 58 were seriously destroyed,

Nkungu, 28 roofs of the houses flew away, and that of the VTC Nkungu 

Southern Province Gisagara district is the first target, when, the night of last Monday, an 18-year-old girl lost her life due to thunder. Here, many houses have been down, the hectares of banana plantations damaged, in different sectors of this district bordering  Burundi through Akanyaru river.Musha, three houses were destroyed in Munyegera village, Bukinanyana cell. The houses of Veneranda Mukandanga, Florence Mukarushema and Francine Mukantaganzwa. The local authorities are seeking shelter for the victims, while planning the repair or construction of the new houses.According to François Hakizimana, the manager of disasters in Gisagara district, the statistics remain enormous even in the areas of Mukindo, Ndora, Muganza and Mugombwa. In Mukindo, a girl died, the banana plantations are damaged; Ndora, 2 houses and 9 kitchens, Muganza, 2 houses and a church, Mugombwa, 3 houses (including 2 from Gishubi) and 2 kitchens and in Nyanza, a house damaged.

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Northern Province

The district of Burera in sectors of Bungwe, Rugendabari and Cyanika are suffering. In the evening of Wednesday 13th September, the lightning struck two children of 13 and 16 years old, the younger one died in sector Rugendabari sector,  Rukandabyuma cell .

Cyanika, Gisovu cell, 6 houses were destroyed; among them three lost their roofs and other three of them were strongly damaged by the trees falling.

The electric cables, 186 torn sheets, the value is about two million.

In Bungwe sector, on Sunday, September 17, a girl died of lightening at home, and one of the four walls of the house is cracked. Plantation areas are also in critical condition due to rains.

Eastern Province

The district of Ngoma deplores 221 houses in Remera sector, Ndekwe cell, on Tuesday 12 September.

Five days later, in Mutenderi and Gashanda sectors recorded losses of 35 houses and 100 hectares of banana plantations (the main source of the local economy).

MIDIMAR, the Ministry of Disaster Management, advises people to check well their roofs and avoid living in high-risk zones.As for the police, we cannot stop disasters, but we can prevent its damage.

The Rwandan meteological agency announced that the rains of this autumn will be between 350mm and 450mm and nothing will be damaged.And against the lightening, one of the Burera authorities advises people to install lightning rods around their houses.

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