Rwandan businessman, Innocent Ndahimana,41, was on Thursday evening shot by the Rwandan security officials as he tried to smuggle about 500kgs of beans into Uganda.

Speaking to Daily Monitor on Friday, Ndahimana admitted that Rwandan security operatives warned him against crossing into Uganda but the fact that beans in Uganda fetch better prices, he defied before he was shot.

“The security operatives stopped me from crossing into Uganda with my goods but I defied because in Uganda a kilogram of beans is bought Shs2, 350 while in Rwanda it’s only Shs2,000,”he said

“They shot me on the right arm and I fell down on the Ugandan side before they impounded the beans and my colleagues carried me to Katuna Community Medical Clinic for treatment.”He added

Ndahimana said that he is a resident of Nyakabungo village, Chumba Sub County in Gicumbi District in where he has a wife and five children. He is however worried that he might be arrested when he returns to Rwanda. He suspects when he returns home a severe punishment awaits him for violating rules.

Meanwhile,  Alex Niwahereza,  Katuna Community Medical Clinic said on Friday that the patient is out of danger, but he’s yet to be discharged.

“The victim arrived at the clinic with a deep wound on the right hand that was bleeding. We washed the wound, treated and dressed it. He is now out of danger,”  Niwahereza said

Recently, Rwandan officials advised  citizens not to go in Uganda for the sake of their safety. However, Rwandans still go there using non gazetted paths locally known as Panya mainly looking for goods on cheaper prices.


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