Rwanda: Officials  ban  fishing activities in Musanze District


Local officials in Musanze District have suspended fishing activities on the different water bodies in the area where fish was mysteriously in  killed in cold blood last week.

Last week on Friday last week, residents of Musanze District woke up to the sight of dead fish floating on different water bodies that included two rivers and three ponds.

The affected water bodies are River Mukungwa, River Mugara and three fish ponds owned by a cooperative in Muko Sector, which exclusively rears the Tilapia type.

“We have decided to take measures to stop fishing activities and fish supply as well as consumption because we do not know the exact health risks it can cause and when,” The vice mayor for finance and economic development in Musanze,  Augustin Ndabereye told TNT

As much as three barrels (about 400 kilogrammes) of fish were killed just from the three ponds and were all burnt so that they are not mixed up along the supply and consumption chain, Ndabereye said.

The Minister for Health, Dr Diane Gashumba, said that among other measures to contain the situation, they as early as Saturday cautioned people against eating fish that has died of unidentified causes.

“We banned people from eating the fish. We also continued awareness campaign at the grassroots level”

Meanwhile, A team of experts from various institutions including Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC), Rwanda Standards Board (RSB), Local Government, Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) and Rwanda National Police (RNP) has been sent up to investigate what contaminated the waters and how.

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