Rwanda: Opposition figure denies recruiting to cause uprising similar to Arab Spring


Ingabire Victoire, Head of non registered political party, FDU-Inkingi, according to reports, has been found recruiting people  in Kirehe District, Eastern part of the country.

It is alleged the recruits are to causing nationwide uprising similar to violent and chaotic demonstrations that have happened in the Middle East and North Africa.

On Saturday, 11 May, Ingabire was in Kirehe District, Kigina Sector, Ruhanga Cell, Nyakarambi II Village, in Sun City Motel, for a meeting attended by 22 people.

“She told us that she wanted us to join her political party and to help recruit on one condition; do not recruit the Tutsi because I don’t love them,” said one of the participants.

“She said: just focus on the Hutu, mainly the ex-combatants.”

The meeting, however, was stopped by local leaders after a tip-off from a local who knew what is going on.

Ingabire told international media that he was harassed.

In exclusive interview with VOA, Ingabire said this news is full of lies and recommended those responsible for dissemination to write a correction.

” I said i want to build my country peacefully. I am no a part of terrorism group, if so, they could not have let me go,” She said adding ” I have requested my lawyer to write to those newspapers for a correction, if not we will use the law.”

Ingabire was released by presidential amnesty eight months ago. She was to serve 15 years in prison for genocide denial and threatening national security.

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