Rwanda: Opposition party urges government ‘Stereotyping of children born out of rape during the genocide should also stop’


Rwanda opposition Party, The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda ( DGPR) has urged government to set measures to  stop stereotypes against  children born out of rape during the genocide against The Tutsi in 1994.

In a press statement dated 6 April, 2018 DGPR says these children are facing different stereotypes like being given particular names which may lead to trauma.

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“They have been given names such as, ‘abana b’interahamwe- kids of Interahamwe, abana b’amateka-kids of history, urwibutso-memorial’’, these and many more names make these children feel unwanted in the society and cause more trauma” the statement says

“The issue of genocide ideology needs to be fought with extra vigor, some reports in 2016 indicated that 67% of the youth had genocide ideology. Parents are requested to play a positive role in healing these wounds and giving proper education to their children” it added

Moreover, DGPR calls upon Local government entities to pay special attention to genocide survivors and address the challenges faced on community level. They need to be sensitized on their rights, like access to medical care outside the country, among others.

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“Government needs to address trauma problems in the survivor families, since most are still struggling to have shelter, food, education and lack employment opportunities ”the statement reads

Meanwhile, The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda would like to thank Unity Club and other stakeholders who have contributed in helping the elderly who survived the genocide and stand in unison with the nation and genocide survivors in the fight against genocide denial and the spread of genocide ideology.

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