Rwanda Police call ‘Professional’ the operation to disperse protesters in Kiziba Camp resulted into 15 refugees’ death


Rwanda Police Inspector General Emmanuel Gasana says Police acted professionally while carrying out the operation of dispersing Congolese refugees who were protesting in Kiziba Camp, Western Rwanda, February 22, 2018.

While addressing police partners yesterday March 29, 2018 on the last semester security situation, IGP Gasana said the demonstration would have resulted into a big tragedy without Police professional intervention.

“The same to other Rwandans, it is contrary to the law to fight against security agents to the extent of arming yourself in need of doing whatever you like” IGP said

The Police chief said the refugees were ill-mannered for they were already had weapons for a fight.

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“The right intervention was embedded to prevent more deaths” he added

They ambushed UNHCR headquarters on a broad daylight, everything was at unrest. They even tried to deprive guns from police forces. Everybody witnessed all these” he emphasized

Besides,during t briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva after the incidents, UNHCR spokesperson Cécile Pouilly blamed Rwandan police forces for disproportionate use of force against desperate refugees for it is unacceptable

“This tragedy should have been avoided and disproportionate use of force against desperate refugees is not acceptable” Pouilly said

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We are shocked and disturbed at loss of refugee lives, we regret that our continued appeals for maintaining calm and restraint were not considered” Pouilly added

Recent reports claim 15 Congolese refugees died as a result of food ratio cut,87 injured including 7 Policemen  where as 30 refugees goes missing to the present.

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