Rwanda refutes Zimbabwe’s opposition leader claims regarding ICT


Rwanda’s Kagame and Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo have refuted Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa who claimed to have played a great role in development of Information and Communication Technology of Rwanda.

This comes after Chamisa told Movement for Democratic Change supporters during a campaign rally last week that Kagame had used his assistance in terms of advice while developing Rwanda’s ICT policy.

“I helped him on his ICT policy, on how to turn around the country when we met in Geneva, Switzerland and he was happy with my presentation,” Chamisa said

However, Kagame responded to the claims on Wednesday, tweeting that he has never met Chamisa.

“I don’t know this man & no discussion ever happened with him anywhere,” Kagame said

He said Rwanda’s ICT policy, projects and programme “started before MDC formation and politics!”

Further, Foreign Minister  Mushikiwabo ,in  a dramatic way said it could have been happened when Chamisa followed  Kagame and gave the plan to him.

The youthful MDC leader,Nelson Chamisa was ICT minister in Zimbabwe’s coalition government between 2009 and 2013.

Le Journal du says Chamisa is no stranger to controversy surrounding some of his utterances.

He was in another storm last month when he claimed that he had met United States President Donald Trump. He later retracted his statement after being probed on social media and said he had only met “officials from the Trump administration”.




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