#Rwanda /Rusizi: Heavy rain destroyed 267 houses


A stormy downpour which battered several parts of western province destroyed 267 houses, a factory of sacks and 5 militaries were struck by the lightening

The news from Rusizi district says that heavy rainy with strong wind and lightening destroyed several things such as plantations, 267 houses, and a factory of sacks in Mururu sector.

During the interview with, the Executive secretary of Rusizi District Mushimiyimana Ephrem says that the rain started in the afternoon on 19 and no part of the district has missed the rain. It destroyed too many things including houses, the factory, schools, an office of the cell, 12 electrical poles and also the lightening struck 5 militaries agents. And we are making the census to conform the statistics of damaged elements and so forth.

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He adds that this disaster damaged the plantation of 22 hectares of banana trees and the lightening was frequently heard in Butare sector. Especially in Butare and Bweyeye sector, by 10 pm, preliminary evidence shows that 110 houses were damaged including 58 that are wreckage because they missed their roofs.

He also adds they are going to deal with this problem and they MIDIMAR will intervene for a help. Because the schools were damaged, students will be sent to other schools which are located near their homes. Schools which are strongly damaged are from Bweyeye, Butare, and Nkungu sectors and have a big number of students.

To the population of Rusizi district, Mushimiyimana gives the message that they have to be ready on disasters especially during this rainy season. The reason why they have to check well they roofs and protect themselves against the lightening by avoiding staying under the trees when it rains and not using telephones  as they warned by Disaster manager in the district.

The owner of the factory, Ndamwemera Jean Paul, on telephone of declares “For me I was surprised with the event and I cannot say anything about the situation.”  He suggests that he should be helped to rebuild this factory because it is strongly damaged.

Some of those people in Butare Sector, tell to that they are in difficult period of their life because they are spending the night in their neighbors home. They request to the MIDIMAR, the district to intervene as possible as they can so as to escape them from diseases caused by lack of hygiene if this will last long period.

The provisional statistics is in a way to be conformed and the district did not give any evidence about the disaster.

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