Minister Busingye Johnson speaking at the event/Photo: The New Times

The Government is grateful to countries that have arrested and extradited/deported to Rwanda or prosecuted Genocide fugitives to help deliver justice for victims, the Minister for Justice Johnston Busingye has said.

Busingye was on Wednesday addressing U.S. senators and diplomats in Washington, D.C., during an event to mark the 25th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

“Rwanda is grateful to the states that arrest, prosecute, extradite or deport Genocide fugitives found on their territories,” he said, adding “The United States of America is one of them; I want to thank the United States.” Minister Busingye said

“The fugitives that were sent from here are facing justice back in Rwanda. It is and will continue to be fair and impartial justice.” He added

Rwanda has since 2007 issued 1,012 indictments and warrants for Genocide fugitives in 32 countries across the world, according to the Genocide Fugitives Tracking Unit (GFTU).

Subsequently, some 22 Genocide fugitives, including eight arrested in Belgium, two in Canada, and three in Sweden, were tried in those respective countries.

About 19 fugitives were extradited or deported to Rwanda. The U.S has since deported four, Denmark extradited two and Norway one. Malawi transferred one while neighbouring Uganda deported three, and Canada two. The Netherlands extradited two and deported another.

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