REMA Director General, Eng. Collette Ruhamya

Rwanda is looking for a way to stop importing used and old cars in order to reduce air pollution and its effects to the people; Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has said.

The research conducted by REMA has revealed high pollution in Rwanda is generated by cars, charcoal, firewood to name a few.

According to the research, 95.5% of cars used in Rwanda are over ten years old.

REMA Genral Director, Eng. Collette Ruhamya said there is a need of banning import of old cars.

“For old cars, we are still looking for a way how we can regulate their import. We can atleast set an year for a car to be imported in Rwanda,” Eng. Ruhamya said

Reminding that there is no even a single car factory in Rwanda, Ruhamya added: “We do not manufacture cars, we rely on import. We shall not fail for our neighbours have achieved this. We do not want to be dust bins for others.”

As Rwanda marks Environment Day, officials have said 95% of Rwanda is facing polluted air.





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