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Ahabanza » Rwanda to host ten thousands of refugees as security worsen in DR Congo

Rwanda to host ten thousands of refugees as security worsen in DR Congo

The United Nations International Children’s Fund in Rwanda has released a February 2018 Humanitarian Situation Report claiming ten thousands of Congolese refugees are expected in Rwanda this year.

United Nations High Commission for refugees (UNHCR) reports on statistics from 31 January 2018 say there are 75,019 refugees and 8,727 are asylum seekers form Democratic Republic of Congo in Rwanda.

UNICEF Rwanda has started contingency planning and prepositioning of supplies. According to statistics of UNHCR dated 31 January 2018, however, Specific needs of 19,952 refugees include serious medical conditions of 21.2 per cent, refugees with disabilities at 19.3 per cent and unaccompanied and separated (UASC) children at 13.7 per cent.

As for UNHCR statistics from 31 January 2018, there are 173,419 refugees and asylum seekers in Rwanda. Of this, 89,171 are Burundian refugees, 83746 from DR Congo and 502 are other refugees. These refugees mostly resides in five different camps across Rwanda with three reception centres namely Bugesera, Nyanza and Gatore that host 618 Burundian refugees.

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