Rwanda vows not to act tooth for a tooth towards Ugandans


Rwanda has decided not to act tooth for a tooth towards Uganda national in Rwanda. The remark is following Rwandans arrests, torturing and abuse by Uganda’s Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI).

Rwanda Minister of Foreign Affairs and EAC, Louise Mushikiwabo during today’s press conference has declared Rwanda has no intentions of doing similar harsh treatment towards Ugandans living in Rwanda.

“We share a lot in common with Ugandans. We share the same blood. Rwandans cannot hurt Ugandans,” she declared

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Uganda’s official have recently claimed Rwanda nationals arrested were those with anything to do with terrorism activities in Uganda.

Meanwhile, These incidents have crippled bilateral ties over espionage, illegal deportation of refugees to name those few.

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Fred Masengesho Rugira/

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“We share a lot in common with Ugandans

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