Rwanda warns against new visa fraud, fake passports


Rwanda’s Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE) on Thursday warned the public against some unscrupulous individuals using its name by pretending to be immigration officers to dupe unsuspecting people about job opportunities or workshops abroad.

The statement issued by the Directorate said that some work permit applicants have also fallen prey to this illegal act.

“On some occasions, these criminals who promise to facilitate the acquisition of passport or visa have been able to convince the unsuspecting members of the public to transmit money to them through mobile money,” the statement said stressing that no payment should be made by other means.

Latest reports indicate that most applicants to some fabricated job offer letters have fallen victim to such scams, and pay large sums of money to the fraudsters in the hope of receiving their visa and other immigration papers.

Currently the Directorate is taking such duplicity very seriously and makes a continual effort to reach out to victims and potential applicants to warn them against such scams.

Currently relevant authorities are monitoring all types of passport and visa fraud, statements reads apart.



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