Rwanda President Paul Kagame claims Rwanda will accept African refugees from Israel in accordance with international law.
President Kagame made the remarks on Wednesday while meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.Chimp reports had learnt

They discussed the issue of African asylum seekers facing deportation from Israel and shared an understanding that migrants can only be deported according to rules dictated by international law.

Netanyahu’s bureau, according to Israel media, stated that during the two leaders’ meeting, “Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed with President Kagame, who emphasized that he will only accept a process that meets the demands of international law.”

Meanwhile,Rwanda firmly denied a report that it had signed a secret deal to take in the aforementioned refugees being expelled against their will.

However, Some 2,000 asylum seekers gathered earlier this week before the Rwandan embassy in Israel to protest government efforts to deport them.

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