Rwandan opposition party doubts the escape of its leader from Prison 


The jailed vice president of Rwanda’s opposition FDU-Inkingi party Boniface Twagirimana is nowhere to be found following reports he escaped from prison on Sunday.

Rwanda’s correctional service (RCS) confirmed on Sunday.Boniface Twagirimana was missing from a routine headcount at the prison Monday.

RCS Spokesperson CIP Hillary Sengabo said Twagirimana and another prisoner had managed to escape by jumping over the complex’s fence and said that an investigation had been launched.

However, members of the FDU, a not yet registered political party are calling “foul play” and fear that Twagirimana’s life could be in danger.

In a statement released Monday, the FDU party questioned how Twagirimana could have escaped out of a high security prison he had been transferred to only five days before and called on the Rwandan government for answers.

“This information…leaves us to believe that there could be foul play by Rwandan security services,” the statement said.

“We call on the Rwandan government to inform the family, the party FDU-Inkingi and the general prison about the circumstances of the disappearance of Twagirimana. Mr Twagirimana was in the custody of the state which is accountable for his safety,” it added.

In September 2017, Twagirimana and eight other FDU party members were arrested on charges of forming an armed group and seeking to overthrow the government, charges Twagirimana fully denies.

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