Rwandan rebels Leader Sankara reveals Uganda and Burundi help


Callixte Nsabimana aka Sankara has revealed Uganda and Burundi offered a hand in Front de Liberation National (FLN) rebellious activities against Rwanda.

Sankara,37, a trained lawyer, in court today said he met Burundian External Chief Spy, Maj. Bertin aka Moses to discuss how to join forces with Col. Kanyemera’s militia to attack Rwanda.

 The development was to facilitate Sankara’s meeting with Uganda Chieftancy Military Intelligence boss, Brig. Abel Kandiho. Sankara told the judge that he made it to meet, Kandiho’s representative and friend,Capt. Sande Charles.

In March, Top MRCD party leader, Bernabe Sinayobye went to Uganda seeking cooperation in threatening Rwanda’s security, which was later granted.

Sanakara said, himself met with CMI Boss, Kandiho as to strengthern diplomacy.

Sankara apologized and admitted all 16 charges against him. He said he has no much to tell the court.



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