It is alleged Rwandans are stealthily buying land in Uganda at night despite the tension between the two neighbouring countries.

According to Uganda based paper, The Observer,  information from Katuna town council, Rubaya and Butanda sub counties in Ndorwa West County in Kabale district, indicates that Rwandan nationals are stealthily crossing into Uganda to buy land for construction so they can permanently relocate.

Bernard Nturanabo, a resident of Kahungye in Butanda Sub County, says he has personally seen various Rwandan nationals crossing into Uganda through the porous borders looking for land for purchase.

He says Rwandans don’t mind about the fertility of the land but all they need is land for construction.

Geresome Mafuuni, the Murandamo village LC 1 chairman in Bigaga parish says most Rwandans cross to his village at night to buy land because of fear of being arrested by Rwandan border security.  Mafuuni says some Rwandan nationals have already started preparing land to construct houses, saying they want to relocate to Uganda.

Butanda sub county LC Five Councillor, Eric Kigunzu Tumwesigye, says that he has already notified security about the Rwandan nationals crossing to his sub county to buy land.

Gad Rugaaju Ahimbisibwe,  Kabale Deputy Resident District Commissioner says their records show that more than 60 Rwandan nationals have bought land in Butanda with intentions of constructing houses.

He faults LC 1 chairpersons and Ugandan nationals for consenting to the sale of land to illegal immigrants.

“People cross to Uganda and connive with Ugandans and buy land. And when they buy land, they settle and don’t go through the process. Legally they are not Ugandans; you don’t become Ugandan by how many years you have stayed in Uganda. You’re Ugandan by citizenship or by birth. So when you come here you’re supposed to register, you go through the legal process…over 56 people crossed to Uganda, they bought land and they are beginning to develop it.” Rugaaju told The Observer

“That is illegal and land must be returned back to Ugandans and these Rwandans must follow the right process of how to acquire land in another country.” He added

However, Rwandans have been advised not to go in Uganda for their safety is not guaranteed.





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