Rwandan Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Richard Sezibera has cleared that still Rwandans are advised not to go in Uganda.

The remarks come on heels with Sunday announcement that Gatuna border is temporary open for heavy trucks.

Sezibera told local newspaper on Monday that   the Gatuna border with Uganda has re-opened for heavy trucks in order to test facilities at the border following the construction of a one-stop border post, but Rwandans should continue to heed the travel advisory for their own safety.

“The travel advisory has not changed. The travel advisory says that ‘you are strongly advised not to travel to Uganda’. That hasn’t changed,” he said.

At the beginning of March this year, the Government advised Rwandans not to go to Uganda because their security was not guaranteed in that country.

“Rwandans are arrested, tortured, and harassed in Uganda; this is an issue we have raised with Uganda many times at different levels. Those that are not arrested, harassed, and detained are deported for reasons which we don’t understand,” reads a part the stament in March


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