Rwanda’s health ministry on Monday urged citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after a case of Ebola was discovered in a city straddling its border.

The case was detected in Goma, a city of around one million that is separated by a border crossing from the town of Gisenyi, in western Rwanda.

Goma is the biggest urban hub to have been affected by Ebola since an outbreak that has killed more than 1,600 people began in DR Congo’s North Kivu province last August.

The crossing between Goma and Gisenyi is one of the most traversed in the region, with thousands making the journey back and forth each day.

The health ministry said while no cases of Ebola had been detected in Rwanda, it was vital citizens played their part in helping prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

“The ministry of health reminds citizens and residents not to make unnecessary border crossings and travels to areas in neighbouring countries where Ebola has been reported,” the ministry said in a statement.



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