Rwanda’s Kagame reminds youth “Never forget that we are here as a result of hard work”


President of Rwanda and Chairperson of African Union (AU),  Paul Kagame has reminded individuals below 24 years old that they have to keep in mind that what Rwanda achieved are the result of hard work and sacrifices of gallant daughters and sons who lost their lives during liberation struggle.

Speaking to the 24th Liberation Day party attendants, accompanied by First Lady, Kagame last night said history will judge those who will allow future to go backwards.

“Never forget that we are here as a result of hard work, sacrifices, and people losing their lives. The future is in your hands and if you allow it to go backwards, history will not forgive you”

President Kagame stressed Rwandans have to be united as transform the country that deserve.

“Let us leave the past in the past, rebuild ourselves and transform this country into one we deserve”

Kagame has made these remarks shortly before heading to Djibouti at the invitation of President Ismail Oguelleh for the inauguration of Djibouti International Free Trade Zone.

Fred Masengesho Rugira/




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