Rwanda’s Kagame reveals why he took DNA test


Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has revealed he underwent Deoxyribonucleic Acid Test (DNA) even though it was supposed to be confidential.

During an exclusive interview with Jaune Afrirque, Kagame told  journalist Francois Soudan he took  DNA test because of his simple scientific curiosty.

“It was supposed to be confidential, but, well, I will tell you: It was simple scientific curiosity, nothing more”he said

While responding to what came out, Kagame said it was a complex genetic mixture.

“A complex genetic mixture: African, European, Asian, Tutsi, Hutu…” he added

“Which just shows how these racism whims can’t hold up to a DNA test?I am a human being who treats others as human beings, regardless of whether some believe in the creation of humans and others in their evolution. That is who I am”he emphasized

President Kagame in interview with Jaune Afrique

Meanwhile,he, Paul Kagame, rarely speaks out on his private  issues.

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