Rwanda’s Kagame urges cadet officers to keep Rwandans safe


President of Rwanda Paul Kagame has urged new commissioned cadet officers to make sure they protect Rwandans which is a very important responsibility.

Speaking the commissioned cadet officers today at Gako Military Academy, Kagame has congratulated all cadets who successfully completed their taraining and reminded they are trained to face the challenges of the times that Rwanda has including unexpected ones.

“You are given the training and knowledge to protect the sovereignty of our nation, to fight wars and keep Rwandans safe. It is an important responsibility” Kagame said

Kagame added the skills and training acquired should be used in accordance with judgment and commitment to deal with those who provoke others in wars.

“RDF is trained and prepared to fight wars but not to start them with others. But if others make us their problem and choose to start a war with us, that is when we use judgment, determination and training to fight and finish it for them” Kagame added

President Kagame has reminded the commissioned officers that their profession is a great one where one can build their  country and themselves the way their want.

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