Rwanda’s opposition longing for a cabinet position


The President of Rwanda’s opposition party, The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) and MP, Dr Frank Habineza says they have a desire to have a minister in a cabinet.

Habineza was elected a member of parliament in 2018 election; he says they are on their way to have a minister form their party.

The two times presidential candidate, said, during exclusive interview with BWIZA TV, this is the common wish from all party members and can be granted according to Rwandan Constitution.

“It is true that our party wishes to have a minister in a cabinet. It is one of our promises to the public during last presidential campaign. We wanted to chair the cabinet, we are craving for it for law provide it,” Dr Habineza said

MP Habineza said the wish has been on table during party cadres meeting in March this year.

“  They wanted us to  ask senate which is responsible for that, it is still under process yet it is up to President since he is the last resort. We hope he will do so because he is law abiding.”

According to the constitution, every party represented in parliament can have a member in a cabinet. As for Green Party, they are allowed to be represented in cabinet.

“It is the responsibility of the President to do this. Government is not only made up of ministers but also permanent secretaries, ambassadors, governors to name a few.”

Rwanda has allowed DGPR to operate in 2009. The party acts an as an opposition to ruling party, RPF-Inkotanyi especially during elections.

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