Samsung Galaxy Note 7 eternally stopped on standard basis


The Owners of galaxy Note 7 are expected to be able to return the phones for a refund or an exchange for a different Samsung phone after the South Korean tech giant, Samsung has eternally stopped it.

Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been ceased after reports of devices it had deemed safe catching fire and the firm had already reduced Galaxy Note 7 production volumes.

“We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putting consumer safety as top priority, we have reached a final decision to halt production of Galaxy Note 7s,” the company said.

“For the benefit of consumers’ safety, we stopped sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 and have consequently decided to stop production”.

A Kentucky man said he woke up to a bedroom full of smoke from a replaced Note 7, days after a domestic flight in the US was evacuated after a new device started emitting smoke in the cabin.

However, South Korea’s finance minister had warned that the country’s exports would be hurt if the phone model was scrapped; BBC reports

In September, Samsung recalled around 2.5 million phones after complaints of exploding batteries which it later insisted that all replaced devices were safe. However, that was followed by reports that those phones were catching fire too.

Samsung said it had sold about 45,000 Note 7s through pre-orders in Europe.

Samsung could suffer a considerable loss of consumer faith’ said Greg Roh at HMC Investment Securities. “If it’s once, it could be taken as a mistake. But for Samsung, the same thing happened twice with the same model”.

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