Around 101 students at Kageyo secondary school slept empty stomach in the night of 16 November 2016. The decision taken after the senior six candidates who had been doing national examination, lost two books belonged to school.

The Headmaster of Kageyo secondary school, Bagwire Jean d’Amour decided to cut off dinner meal and breakfast for the students as a student describes. “They had already prepared the food but he later on cuts it off and ordered to get them back since he realised two of the three books lent to students had been missing.”

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The students who were centred at the school for national examination programme, starved until they woke up and kept on exams on the following day.

“There is more consequences as you cannot do well your exam while starving. If you slept empty stomach, it means you afford only single lunch in 24 hours,” one student said.

Gicumbi vice Mayor in charge of social affairs, Benihirwe Charlotte said the schools leaders have to be reproved and denounced the incident.

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“Whatever mistake anybody is committed, his/her rights for food is limitless. I am highly shocked with your starvation even if we are not aware of something behind the decisions,” Vice Mayor Charlotte said.

The headmaster and his fellows arrested and detained in police custody for detailed explanations as they are accused of taking illegal decision.

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