Sector Executive Secretary arrested over VUP pigs’ embezzlement


Jean Damascene Bizumuremyi, the Executive Secretary of Mugesera Sector is in police custody in Ngoma District after facing pressure from resident for allegedly being involved in Vision Umurenge Programme (VUP) pig embezzlement.

The arrest happened after a session of sector community general meeting held at Mugesera Sector where residents expressed their disappointment with the Sector Secretary, all in attendance of Eastern Province Governor Judith Kazayire, Aphrodice Nambaje, the Mayor of Ngoma District, the police and different local administration representatives. The meeting was held in Nyange Cell.

Bizumuremyi was in charge of the sector for over eight years but people have not been happy with his leadership at the sector until they could think that there is power behind that pushes him to do whatever he wants in his way. They relieved to see him arrested, finally.

IP Jean Bosco Dusabe, thew police spokesperson in Eastern Province said, “People were accusing him [Bizumuremyi] of debts, VUP pigs embezzlement and a number of many other accusations hard to explain”

Pregnant pigs embezzlement, a top accusation

Bizumuremyi is said to have taken away two pregnant pigs which were given to vulnerable elders and took them to Mugatare Cell for unidentified reason.

Firmin Kayijamahe, the Executive Secretary of the cell where the pigs were shifted revealed the pigs were taken to a place called Icocorero, and the man who is taking care of them was told not to say anything about what happened to them.

However, the truth was finally revealed as the man taking care of the pigs himself testified everything about the pigs situation and claimed that there is a salary that he is yet to get paid.

Kayijamahe also revealed that VUP in the sector is full of fraud controversies and suggests a general audit on the case.

He said, “ Bizumuremyi would appear trying to embezzle some money during the terrace tracing, road construction and other VUP activities, all against people’s interests while he was also inventing some lists of employees who are not really physically working in VUP. There is need for General Auditing about this case”

All these scandals are reportedly said to have been done by Bizumuremyi in front of people’s eyes while they were threatened of reporting and telling the truth about it.

“It told the truth about but I still remember what happened to me. I was about to unfairly lose everything,” he reveals.

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Experience is not about embezzling what you’re to supposed to protect- Governor Kazayire

Bizumuremyi has been ruling Mugesera Sector for eight years now, something that people find a crucial reason of feeling like he has the Sector’s properties in his own hands until he fails to distinguish what is his property and the people’s properties.

A citizen from  Ntaga Cell said, “None of the cell’s Executive Secretaries lasts a year ruling a cell. So, why has this one spent all these years ruling the sector?”


Speaking to through the phone, Judith Kazayire, the Governor of Eastern Province dismissed claims that spend a long time ruling a place should not be meant to be the reason of owning what does not belong to you.

She said, “ spending a long time does not mean that you are supposed to take what is not mean to be yours but an experience, may be because you are doing your job well. Whether you are experienced or not, you have to pay for the mistakes you made”


Kazayire admits a quick auditing should be conducted and confirmed that it will soon be done to make sure whether the arrested suspect is found guilty of not, to clarify the case.

She, however, slams people who do not provide information on such any case trending in their area before things become more serious.

“People are free to report any case as early as possible, so we can work on it before thing get further serious”.

Some of the government funded projects like VUP, Girinka have been facing mediocre management by responsible authorities where Rwanda Governance Board says the projects’ mismanagement is a major factor that hinders them from successfully reaching their targets.

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