In a problem solution session held in Kayonza district by ruling party (RPF) members, various Headmasters have explained more about dirty and jiggers that have tortured hands of primary school children.

One of the Headmasters said he witnessed a very critical situation at his school.

“I have seen five children with jiggers in my school. I tried my best to help one of them, others were sent to a health center for further treatment”

RPF Chairman in Kayonza district, Jean Claude Murenzi said it is very important to summon those in charge so as to be aware of the problem that people faceon daily basis.

“We have summoned them to make sure that they explain this matter and comment themselves in front of members in order to look for solutions of these problems challenging our people towards service delivery”.

“Members or any leader shall be held accountable for what is wrong” he added

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Minister in charge of Kayonza district, Rosy Mary Mbabazi has advised RPF members in Kayonza to be honest and fully focused towards problem solutions.

The report launched reveals 220 people live with jiggers, 3,000 school dropouts together with 1000 families stay with domestic animals in the same house in Kayonza district.

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