During the annual ceremony ”Kwita Izina”  that means to name the baby gorillas, the President of the Republic  Paul Kagame shows that the Black Silver (The Gorilla Chief) is respectful) when he approached them in a defensive way towards his babies. When they see him coming furiously, they respect him and cool down as they are ordered by the guide.

That was expressed by the president of the republic, in his speech on this Friday 01st September 2017 during the ceremony that took place in Kinigi in Musanze district.

It was a surprise to the public to hear the story about his visit when he was with a diplomat from Europe in the last 14 years.

He says “ Within this occasion, let’s me Tell you this story. One day, when I was with a tourist from Europe here in this park, the Black silver attacked us to defend his Babies. The guide ordered us to kneel and sit down to show him a respect that we were not engaged to offense him in order be safe. We did as it was requested. The tourist feels surprised and said what if you explain them that you are the president of this country?”

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“For him being a president is being respectful, but I was already sitting down to save myself”, the president added,  that He was not ready to fight the gorilla but to respect to the guides regulations. He also request to the neighbors of the park to be aware of biodiversity conservation especially to gorillas.

Kagame said:” Gorillas are among our natural resources, they are our biodiversity heritage. Where they live are they homes, their own sites. Silver Back [the Chief Gorillas] it the leaders on that home, when he meet with the President of the country, the president has to respect him to save himself.  End everybody who is here has be aware of our biodiversity conservation normally our environment including Gorillas and other animals.

Sometimes, President Paul Kagame tells funny stories to teach people, one day fo example, he  gave the story about how he was led by a spare party of a gun while fighting for the liberation of the country.

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