Surprise candidate aspirant Sekikubo submits Candidacy, but misses some documents


Another candidate aspirant identified as Fred Barafinda Sekikubo has on Wedenesday, June 12, 2017, surprisingly filed the candidacy documents to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) as he bids to join the race for the forthcoming presidential polls slated for August 4th, 2017.

He is the founder of Barafinda Ssekikubo Fred of Rwanda Revolutionary Union Democratic Advancers (RRUDA), which is not yet recognized to be operating in Rwanda.

His political party’s offices are based in Kanombe, Kicukiro District and plenty of members countrywide, estimated at 9,7 million.

He holds a card which he claims no one else has as he bids to end girls’ most prominent issues of late marriage as he vows to ensure timely marriage in the local community as well as ordering tax exemption on land.

Concerning academic background, Barafinda revealed he has reading and writing skills, adding that the toughest lesson he has ever experienced is the years he has already spent on living in the world and felt like studies should not matter because even a Harvard PHD Graduate hardly does miracles.

Asked whether he is competing as an independent candidate at the upcoming ahead of the forthcoming presidential polls or as a RUDA flag bearer, Barafinda revealed it is two years since he has been trying to register so it can be allowed to operate on Rwandan soil but opted to compete as an independent candidate as his political party is yet to be allowed to operate in the country.

“Obviously, i had a two-way bet, considering it like ‘if I fail here I could succeed that way’ “

For Barafinda, the idea competing to lead the country has been in his blood since day one of his birth in 1971, with the detail about his idea set to be revealed soon.

Concerning his political philosophy, he says it all lies on his backbone.

“I was born a politician and my political philosophy is always hot, the idea did not come by accident nor did it come yesterday of two days ago. I have had enough time to think about it since I was born,” he says.

He wishes to join the race to be elected President of the Republic but has incomplete documents required by the National Electoral Commission, claiming he has no idea of where to get them.

“When you go to the sector level, they tell you that the documents you are asking is not among those the sector provides on their service agenda. So, I came to consult the Electoral Commission so they can direct me where I can get the remaining documents,” he claimed.

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Of the 13 documents required by the Electoral Commission, Barafinda has only 7, while many excuses why he lacks certain documents lacking in his bid are up on his surroundings and remain unanswered.

He is able to provide 2 subsequent documents-birth certificates, criminal record, but fails to provide 600 signatures to back his bid. He also can’t provide proof that at least one of his parents was Rwandannor does he have a proof of citizenship.

He considers his political party, RRUDA, a tough side to beat as he reveals it has strong members. He plans to register it at the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) as talks on its registration continue.

He says he founded it for more than 200 reasons, all in favor of Rwandan community’s interests.

Asked whether he was joking while filing the candidacy documents, Barafinda totally ruled out such claims.

He said, “I am not joking. I have clear reasons for this as I am usually a book author, then I want to be a president of the Republic, which has been my long dream since I was born”

Barafinda becomes a surprise addition to current list of president aspirants, namely Green Party’s Frank Habineza and independent Gilbert Mwenedata, who have already submitted their documents at NEC so far, on Monday.

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  1. MM says

    This guy has more to learn in this world ! He also dreamed to build the chateaux in the Spain without having only one plot in Nyaruguru District in the Southern there !
    Can you imagine if this man could became a Military Supreme Commander ! He does not have even the clear mindset to drive himself and he is going to lead Rwanda kweli!

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