MP Tundu Lissu, 49 years, a fierce critic of President John Magufuli and his government suffers multiple gunshot wounds by unknown attackers at his residence in Dodoma city.

According to Al-Jazeera, the  prominent opposition member of parliament in Tanzania has been shot and “seriously wounded” by unknown attackers at his residence in the administrative capital, Dodoma, according to officials.

Tundu Lissu underwent emergency surgery after being shot in the abdomen on Thursday. James Kiologwe, a doctor at Dodoma regional hospital, said he was in stable condition.

“[Tundu] Lissu has suffered multiple gunshot wounds,” Tumaini Makene, spokesman for the main opposition CHADEMA party, said shortly after the incident.

“We strongly condemn this attack and are closely monitoring his condition.”

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Mwigulu Nchemba, Tanzania’s home affairs minister, confirmed the incident and Lissu’s condition, adding that the government would issue a statement after receiving a medical report.

The motive of the shooting was unclear. This president of the Tanganyika Law Society and native of Singida, has previously been arrested by police on several occasions and charged with incitement.

In July, he was arrested and later released after having called Magufuli a “dictator” over alleged attacks on the opposition and the media.

Nowadays, opposition figures in East African countries are top in media: Raila Odinga of Kenya is celebrating the invalidation of elections by the supreme court; Diane Rwigara(with family) of Rwanda is under investigations (on tax invasion and forgery), now MP Lissu of Tanzania is wounded.

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Jean Baptist Karegeya


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