Tanzania has issued a warning to any person or organisation trying to campaign for gay rights. Just a few days ago, Magufuli stated that his government will not allow students who get pregnant to go back to school, this is another surprising announcement that will annoy the Western world.

Magufuli also said he was ready to lose foreign aid rather than allow NGOs to spread Homosexuality in the country. Tanzania has threatened arrest and to deport people campaigning for gay rights. The country has also said that it will de-register any organisations protecting homosexual interests TUKO.co.ke has just learnt.

“I would like to remind and warn all organisations and institutions that campaign and pretend to protect homosexual interests … we are going to arrest whoever is involved and charge them in courts of law,” said Interior Minister Mwigulu Nchemba.

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Nchemba also said that those who try to spread homosexuality in the country will be arrested and if a foreigner, will be “deported within no time … they will not have even the time to unplug their mobile phones from the socket.”

Mwigulu Nchemba “Those who are interested in homosexuality should go and live in countries that entertain such businesses. If there’s any organisation in the country that supports and campaigns for homosexuality … it shall be deregistered,” he said.

TUKO.co.ke can also confirm that Magufuli said he was ready to lose foreign aid rather than allow NGOs to spread it in the country. “Those who teach such things do not like us, brothers. They brought us drugs and homosexual practices that even cows disapprove of,” Magufuli said in a speech Thursday, June 22.  Homosexuality is illegal in 38 of 54 countries in Africa.

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