The consequences of population density on the living conditions of children in urban areas 


Separate studies at the national level show that if the government does not take serious measures the soaring density can cause unfortunate consequences on the lives of the Rwandan population in general and only children in urban areas in particular.

Insecurity; Contagious diseases, lack of schools The absence of a healthy environment and the lack of recreational spaces are among the embarrassing problems arising from the high density!

This observation was greatly noticed during an exclusive interview that carried out with the inhabitants of urban areas.

Nsengimana Eric, 17, states that the acceleration of density is a major reason for the poor living conditions of children living in urban areas. In an interview with, Nsengimana relied on obstacles that they face, including the long journey to school. He said that the greatness of the journey that he and his classmates go through only increases fatigue and that even children are dropping out of school.

“For some who do not, the fact of not having a decent infrastructure in terms of physical and mental relaxation is an obstacle to the good continuation of studies. On this point, Nsengimana said that the Rafiki Club and the Kimisagara Youth Center are the only places that meet the minimum standards for the actual entertainment venues.” he said

The concerted children in urban areas have a negative assessment of the inadequacy of all-round leisure activities.  Only children can advocate for others Iradukunda Yves Kevin, 16, says he is dissatisfied with the way some children are still victims of hard work to earn living.

In order to show the role of the child in the planning of urbanization, Iradukunda indicates that whenever politicians want a report on the lives of children they appeal to children’s organizations. In his philosophy, Iradukunda is convinced that in Rwanda only children can play the major role in the advocacy of the fact that they are better situated to know the problems of others.

Children awareness about environment issue. He also reported that although there is still a lot to do; children ideas must be taken into consideration. “We children, we are taught the usefulness of protecting our environment and then we are the first beneficiaries, because when we run out of drinking water it is us who sulfur, said Iradukunda Yves who is President of an association for the fundamental right of children.

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