The new penal code will deal with embezzlement and mismanagement, SM Minijust


According to the Minister of state, in charge of National Constitution and other laws, Evode Uwizeyimana, the new penal code of Rwanda raise penalties to will deal with embezzlement and mismanagement. This will help the Rwandans to avoid crimes related to embezzlement or Mismanagement of public properties.

Uwizeyimana says that in the current penal code, there are some sophisticated clauses that give path to lawyers to defend their clients, so that they are released against charges.

Minister Evode Uwizeyimana says, “ People embezzle public funds, they award illegal public tenders, medicines expire in stores, and we take it as a usual. Only the person is simply fired from the post rather than being condemned on the court.”

He adds, “Sometimes unclear tenders are given, money is used against the provision, you find people purchasing from China or Dubai whereas the same product is available here, then this is taken as a mismanaging with no matter of fact on what he did.”

He promises the new penal code will raise the penalties on these cases; rwandans will give up committing such a case.

He also hopes that Rwandans will consider it as a suicide; Rwanda will not tolerate embezzlement, mismanagement or others…..when the court releases her/him he starts his business using sum embezzled or using the public properties. This was an obstacle to the prosecutor to investigate the case, and we want to clarify this in new penal code.”

Criminal cases will bear guarantee

Uwizeyimana says the provisional release will necessitate a guarantee or surety.

Those called Big fishes will leave their guarantee even to ones beyond 5 years of penalty. While investigations are carried out on embezzlement of 100 Millions, the person will leave the equivalent to be released.”

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“This will decrease a number of detainees in our prisons without witnesses. The example of DN International (Construction company) that was given materials but they left without paying for these materials), this case is not new, but if they had left guarantee of 100 millions they could be shared among distributors.”

The new penal code is now at the prime minister’s, waiting the cabinet approval before parliamentarians discuss it.

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Zacharia Murekezi

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