The Worshiping Church


✅Praise and worship is the foundation for much of what God is doing in and through the church in preparation for the Lord’s return.

Worship is a significant key to the end-time moves of God.True worship is not about singing, lifting of hands, or other actions, it is about the heart.Jesus will return for a glorious church.

The end-time church will worship passionately ,God is moving mightily in the earth.

✅Praise and worship is at the center of these end-time moves of God.

There is seven Reasons why worship is important

✅1.God will fill the earth with His glory.

PS.72:19, Hab 2:14, Eph 5:27

✅2.The first commandment will be first before Jesus return Luk 10:27 ✅3.God calling us into an intimate partnership with Jesus

John 13:23

Song of Solomon 2:10

✅4.God will give us great authority through intimacy with Jesus

Est.5:2 ✅5.God is restoring the Tabernacle of David

Matt 13:39 All day and all night, singers and musicians worshiped the Lord in David’s tabernacle.

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1Chron 16:7-12

✅6.We will win the war of the ages from a foundation of praise and worship.No nation stood a chance against Israel.

1Chron 18:20, Judges 1:1-2 ✅7.Worship will give us strength to stand in the last days

-God wants us to overcome every form of evil and stand strong in the face of severe trials-trials that will increasingly plague the earth prior to the Lord’s return.

Is.25:3 My dear friends, worship is critical to God’s purposes in this generation and for all eternity.

Therefore, it is time for our worship to fill the earth-for each of us to break the alabaster vial and pour out the sweet perfume of worship on our King.My dear, will you join this powerful work of the Holy spirit??

How to worship in spirt and trouth, how to come before a holy God with confidence, how to become a living sacrifice, and how to develop a heart after God.✅Unity on the worship team is much more important than musical skills? Yes or not?? Yes of course, that’s trou.

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God bless you all

Bishop Papias Sindambiwe

Dormition Church

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