They wonder the genuine place for worshipping


It was a persistent debate to assume the best and accurate place for praying and thanks giving to almighty God. Many people prefer joining high mountains and other terrible dwellings for the main purpose of accumulating God’s attention and the challenges rise when some attendants died of hills accidents and other kicked by savage animals.

Kanyarira Mountain of player is a good example of such places, occasionally take people’s life. It is a place where many people from different places in Rwanda even people from other countries meet and praying with the faithful heart that the Lord will listen to them and answers their desires.

On Saturday 19th mars 2016 at kanyarira Mountain of prayer, Mukamuyango Dancille of 48 years old, a citizens of Gasabo district at kimironko sector died for her first time she joined the place for desirable response from almighty God as her co-attendants revealed.

Mukamwiza Marie Providence, The secretary executive of kagitumba cell in Nyamabuye sector near Nyarusange where Kanyarira Mountain localized; explained that Dancille fell to the ground in the big stones then falls on a great distance straightly died.

In July 2015, also a policewoman lost her life in Kanyarira Mountain of player. This year the local leaders asked peoples to stop joining the place until they will increase infrastructures so that they can go and pray safely and the security guards around.

Kanyarira mountain of players

In Kigali city, cavern of karama and Mont Kigali become optional for God seekers who spend more nights but police warned the participants as there is not enough security in such places and they were advised to abandon.

The former Police spokesperson in city of Kigali, Spt Modeste Mbabazi recently said they would not join unsecured place. “There is cavern of Karama, another located in Mont Kigali and various places where they may be killed with wrongdoers. It is good to quit and seek God in their daily custom (Joining praying houses and church) since the places are not save”.

On churches’ side, they strike off that custom through biblical statement that God is omnipresent. Matabaro Mporana Jonas in charge of Restoration church in Northern Province said praying is main Christian duties, no matter wherever and how he/she is praying, the concern is what you believe.

They prefer spending whole night in the forest

“When reading bible, praying is the first weapon for Christians to drive their salvation. About the way and the place of worshipping and seeking answers from God, I want to highlight that God is omnipresent regardless geographical situation. What I said now is that some people driven by emotions and their wishes and they forget that God is everywhere and nowhere”.

God is omnipresent and nobody should worry about God’s availability since biblical statement says what is crucial is someone’s hearts and beliefs which avowed by preachers and bishops of several churches in Rwanda.

On 30th July 2015 different leaders at Southern Provincial level headed by Governor Alphonse Munyantwali visited Kanyarira hill after the death of some people passed away those days mostly who had gone there for prayers and face accidents due to the bad geographical situation of the area as it was declared by local leaders in the place.

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